We would say that one of the most basic yet overlooked aspect in marketing for entrepreneurs and startups is social listening.

Social listening is all about identifying and understanding your niche and target audience. Don’t just make assumptions and generalizations, do actual research and know what it is your target audience would want, expect from you and consume. Social media is a great place for community engagement and getting a pulse on what would be relevant and interesting to your niche. Not to mention that it is a cheap and efficient platform for startups to build on their marketing.


Check out these tools that can help you have a clear understanding of your target audience and leverage on community engagement to boost your marketing for starters:

Buzzsumo – keyword and content research, identify what topics and content your audience would be interested in and most likely to captivate them.

Hashtagify – hashtag / keywords search engine, identify what people are interested in and is trending

Google Trends – search trending topics, data and visualization