Planning your next congress or annual meeting there are many things to consider from location to venue to speakers to technology. Let’s start with the pre-planning what should you be thinking about?


1) Locations of past conferences and the types of venues and facilities used

2) What are the date options ? Does it clash with other events in your industry and world events like Olympics

3) Is there an official tender document ?

4) What are the specific conference requirements (meeting rooms, exhibition space, accommodations, social events…)

5) How has the conference evolved and progressed over the past years? Are numbers increasing, are they reducing, are the number of scientific submissions changing? This can be useful to make educated estimations for the event you are planning.

6) What are the financial responsibilities? Who controls the budget? Are there budgetary obligations? Who assumes the financial and legal risk?

7) What are the roles and responsibilities of the various parties? For example, these can be the parent organisation, any international or national committees, the local hosts, the local supporters such as the City, Region, Academic establishments etc.


Next time we will look at RFP’S – Request for proposal the Ingredients to a perfect RFP.

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