Bawah Private Island is regarded as one of the hottest places to watch for the near future. Located just 150 nautical miles north east of Singapore, and easily accessible via private seaplane, this untouched beauty of 6 islands will open a whole new destination for discerning travellers. An hour’s flight from Pulau Batam (40 minutes boat ride from Singapore) in Bawah’s private seaplane.


More and more people are seeking authentic experiences that allow themselves to return to a state of peace and tranquility. LAH-CAL brings the very best of experiences from around Asia creating a once in life time unique incentive in this incredibly unique location.


Imagine a private island branded with your incentive and company identity becoming your very own island retreat, to a wellness incentive for your sales team recharging for the new sales year. What’s your next incentive? Let LAH-CAL Incentives create a unique incentive experiences that Inspires.