Keeping up with design trends is a never-ending job. Over the last six months we have been fortunate to deliver eighty plus exhibits in EMEA & Asia, giving our team the chance to observe various types of attendees and how exhibitors are trying to adjust to them. Many trends for exhibitors can come from everyday occurrences like attending live events, museums or just about anything that involves engagement.

Standing out of the Jungle being creative:

In some form or fashion, to survive, we have to be in the art business. As we move from the Information Age to the Conceptual Age, Creativity is the Currency of Choice. For an exhibit to flourish in this age you cannot not be but creative. Creativity in function, creativity in data, creativity in logic, creativity in resources; all join forces to give you the edge that is needed for your brand to forge a path of its own. This leads to magic and fantasy, in our digital world of diminishing attention span and decreasing sensitivity to emotional cues a trip to the Neverland might be the answer to get over this cultural anxiety that we face in our strive to connect with people.

By creating an environment, unlike our own, fantasy fosters an opportunity that cannot be found outside your exhibiting space. Just as Wendy’s stories lead Peter to her window and they enter into the world filled with fairy dust, mermaids and crawling pirates – your exhibit design can be a fantastic vehicle for presenting your products and services in a brand new light. Because, fantasy offers you and your audience to escape the confines of everyday reality and look back on the world, free from the rules and assumptions that drives the usual business environment.