Thinking of exhibiting at one or a few of EMEA and APAC’s tradeshows? If so, you’ll have lots of questions which we hope, as experts in tradeshow exhibitor programs and marketing campaigns, we can answer. From the why to the where and the how – our 6 part ultimate guide to exhibiting at tradeshows and exhibitions will ensure you get the best from your tradeshow experience. Let’s get started….



Appearing at exhibitions and tradeshows requires planning. Organisations need to think carefully about what it is they want to achieve from exhibiting. For example, are you keen to strengthen brand awareness? Create lead generation? Or, something else entirely? So, before you hastily sign up to a show, do your homework.


A brainstorming session with key stakeholders and representatives from all departments ensures a wide range of views and opinions. A follow-up meeting with your events marketing and general marketing teams (regional and country-wide) will help to narrow down the options. Once you’ve created a shortlist of possible tradeshows/conferences, you can present your findings to the attendees of the first meeting and come to a mutual decision.

Depending on the size of your company, you can expect this planning stage to take approximately 2 months (sessions like these are often held during a company’s strategy planning period).


Here are some examples of questions you may like to tackle during your brainstorming meeting

How does exhibiting at a tradeshow benefit our organisation?

2. What are the objectives and KPI’s of a tradeshow program for our organisation?

3. Are there alternatives to exhibiting?

4. Which tradeshows should we exhibit at? (When studying potential shows avoid only looking at the previous year’s post show report. Instead, request information from the last three years, noting visitor and exhibitor numbers and product areas etc).

5. What is the floor space price?

6. Where is the show located?

7. Are there sponsorship opp ortunities?

8. Is there a corporate discount. If you are part of a regional marketing team, connect with your nation-wide counterparts and negotiate as one with the tradeshow organiser.

Do you need expert helpWith years of exhibition and tradeshow experience, LAH-CAL has successfully negotiated tradeshow programs for companies throughout EMEA and APAC.


Next week we will be sharing with you how to choose the right exhibition stand builder/agency and designing a stand for your brand. Cannot wait till them or want the whole guide please email us at


From start-ups and SMEs to large, multi-nationals, LAH-CAL can offer experience and advice on tradeshows and exhibiting throughout EMEA and APAC. We are happy to offer interested clients a free tradeshow program review. We can also advise you on proven tradeshow marketing strategies right through to the complete delivery of a unique, tradeshow exhibition program. Please contact us for more information.