A tailored incentive program needs to be as individual as the people and the purpose it is created for. Whether it’s one day or one week; whether you aim to boost motivation; increase sales revenue and productivity, or hold a luxury experience with friends –wineries set in the rich landscape ranging from France and Germany to Myanmar, Australia and New Zealand make the perfect setting for unsurpassable corporate incentives and seminars.


Private cellars opened to you


EMEA and APAC have so much to offer to the luxury corporate traveller, including its array of wineries. From the prestigious wine châteaux in the Saint Emilion region of France, where your team will learn how to pair wine with food – but not just any food. Food prepared, in front of them, by a Michelin-starred chef. Or to Dreissigacker, Germany, a winemaker hand-selected for the Obamas. At Knee Deep Wines, Western Australia, your delegates will learn by day, surrounded by the beautiful Margaret River, while at night they enjoy the cooling breeze from the Indian Ocean. And, after they’ve nailed their sales pitches in an early-morning brainstorming session at Leeuwin Estate, your team can take to the forest; feast there; listen to live music or dine while being entertained by world-famous guest speakers. Finally, let’s not forget the undiscovered wine estates of exotic Myanmar. All of which are easily accessible from major cities throughout the world.

Holding an incentive at a winery is about more than quaffing fine wine (although we can certainly arrange that). Imagine an incentive program that includes learning about embracing nature through biodynamic viticulture; team-building activities such as rallying through wine estates; Michelin-starred chefs serving you a gastronomic feast for the senses and finishing off an eventful and inspiring meeting by sipping wine overlooking the canopy of a leafy estate. All in just one day.

An incentive program is tailored to meet your individual requirements and goals. From a four-day, multi-venue, sales-boosting program to a one-day C-Level focus-group to guide your team in a new direction. The structure is made of your choices – we are just here to help you navigate them. So, if you’d like to begin each day with a calming session of Qigong or a motivational speaker – so be it. Or, if you’d like a local guide to take your team beyond the tourist frontier up into the hills to where the fertile soil of a Myanmar vineyard meets the extension of the snow-capped Himalayas – it can be arranged. One or two days of briefings with business experts and team building followed by an off-road scooter adventure, crossing vineyards and stopping off in picturesque villages for well-deserved refreshment? Yes.


Why wine incentives in EMEA APAC?


From snow-capped vistas and sun-baked riverbanks to white sand backdrops and fertile, flourishing forests – it’s no wonder such a diverse region never fails to deliver. Culturally and historically diverse, yet safe, affordable and accessible – the EMEA and APAC region provides the ideal backdrop to one-of-a-kind experiences and winery incentives.


Show your clients & employees how valued they are


LAH-CAL creates one-of-a-kind incentive experiences focussed around EMEA and APAC, an area we personally know inside and out. The energy, creativity and passion found in the region’s wineries is the perfect complement to team-building activities, seminars or kick-offs. From Europe and the Middle East to far flung regions of Australasia and emerging export cities such as Yangon, we customise tailored incentive trips held within one, or a group, of vineyards. We are proud to design, develop and manage customer loyalty and business incentive programs that produce measurable results. We also help companies drive sales and ROI by building employee and customer loyalty and encouraging desired behaviours with rewards and incentives.